Krystal Allman is a 24-year-old visual artist in Boulder City, Nevada. 

She displayed an interest in the creative space at the early age of four and would develop her craft in elementary school, middle school, high school, and college by taking art classes at every available opportunity. In high school, she was honored with an award for best artist of the year.

Krystal works primarily with acrylic paint, a medium she first explored as an art class assignment. She quickly discovered a natural passion and talent for blending techniques and capturing subtle and eye-catching details.

To her, art represents freedom – a place where her soul thrives in abstract creative expression. She pours her ideas on canvas through the utilization of vibrant colors and skilled techniques.

She’s inspired by nature, including fruits, flowers, and the ocean, with a particular affinity for octopi. Although her primary style is acrylic paint on canvas, she enjoys working with watercolor, graphite, pen drawings, and creating murals.

She attributes much of her success to her art teachers, but more importantly, to her parents. Although they are people rooted in logic and analytics, they fully supported her as a creative artist, encouraging her to pursue her dreams.

Krystal’s goals as an artist are to continuously grow in her craft, connect with her audience, and inspire people to bridge out and try different art forms, which is how she started – being inspired by other people.

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